Preparing employees for a financially secure retirement

Our mission is to help employees achieve a financially secure retirement. We help them identify their retirement goals and the next best step to reach them. We know how to motivate people to take action — whether it's through email, mail, video, interactive websites, or trigger messaging. For your employees, we lay out a clear path to achieving the retirement they want, no matter where they stand financially right now.

Awards — #1 in award-winning employee education.

Transition communications

Enhancement preview — Inform employees that Wells Fargo has been selected as the new retirement plan provider and that more details will follow. Available as an email, poster, or flier.

Transition notice — Ensure that employees are well informed about important dates, changes to the investment lineup, and any other enhancements. This piece is designed for clients' use in satisfying their requirements under Sarbanes-Oxley to provide employees with information about any "blackout" period and also includes fee disclosure information.

Transition workshop — Reinforce the content of the transition notice with face-to-face meetings or webinars to inform employees of upcoming transition-related events.

Plan live/welcome communication — Announce that the plan is now "live" with account access and other enhancements in effect. It can be delivered electronically to employees by the plan sponsor once the plan has completed transition. It can also be printed if electronic delivery is not available.

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Employee financial wellness campaign

This on-going program helps support overall financial wellness and provides the education an employee needs based on their life stage and savings behaviors, including informative articles, age-based checklists, interactive tools, invitations to webinars, personalized direct mailers, and more. In addition, plan sponsors receive communications they can share with employees in a variety of ways.

Social media and participant website campaign

Interactive web tools


Live and recorded webinars

Printed mailing to targeted participants

Retirement City

Trigger emails

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Behavior-focused campaigns

Using your Plan Health Index, we can help you identify opportunities to target specific employee groups or behaviors. We have behavior-specific, personalized mailers that can help improve plan health. Wells Fargo makes this particularly effective by personalizing the messages to a employee's unique situation. Whether they need to enroll in the plan, increase their contribution rate, diversify their investments, or prepare for the transition to retirement, we personalize and target the communications to help employees take the next best step. Using personalized data like balance, salary, contribution rates, company match, and income estimates, we show employees their specific situation and help educate them on the progress they are making toward meeting their retirement income goals.

Enrollment — Encourage enrollment in the plan with details about the importance of saving, the benefits of pretax contributions, and the power of compounding.

Contributions — Target low-contributing participants by illustrating how much they need to contribute to meet their retirement goals and providing suggestions for when to increase.

Asset allocation — Inform participants whose assets are not well diversified about how their current asset allocation compares to model asset allocation strategies.

Pre-retirement — Educate employees who are approaching retirement about strategic considerations, retirement income strategies, and distribution options.

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Enrollment solutions

Enrollment materials — To get people to enroll in the plan, we employ the "keep it simple" principle. We send a postcard with a tear-off return card to enroll in the default fund at a preselected deferral rate. Through this approach we have seen a 15% increase in plan participation. Enrollment materials are also available in Spanish.

Automatic enrollment — Tailored to employees in plans that offer automatic enrollment, this communication provides information about how to maximize the plan features available to them.

Easy enrollment solutions — We provide easy enrollment solutions through all medium — web, mobile, text messaging, phone and paper to make getting into the plan quick and simple.

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On-site and virtual workshops

Education curriculum guide — Wells Fargo offers a suite of education workshops with accompanying interactive handouts. Many education workshops are also available in Spanish.

Online seminars — A variety of recorded presentations are available on Wells Fargo's employee website, offering on-demand access to employees when it's convenient for them.

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Spanish communications

Spanish materials — We offer a suite of award winning communications geared to Spanish speaking employees providing education and resources through all medium.

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Distribution materials

Distribution materials — When a participant's employment ends, they will receive personalized distribution materials with easy-to-understand options to help them make an informed decision.

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In-house design team

Custom creative — We employ the finest creative minds to help brand your retirement plan communications to help engage your employees.

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